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1 month in Bordeaux

What I felt in 1 month

My first impression of the city is "energetic and calm". Tourists and constructions everywhere. In the center of the city, there are historical buildings which attract us. It's also popular as a commercial centre, you can find what you want here and it's easy to go and back by "Tram".

"Miroir d'eau"

The climate is comfortable, much of natures although it's a big city. I saw a lot of people enjoying outside when it's sunny. I can understand why it is said that this city is "the best city to live".

The attraction of Bordeaux

I think one of the attraction of Bordeaux is the harmony of "Nature and Urban" or "Tradition and Modern".

The city developed as a metropolis surrounded by plenty of natures,

still developing in modern way conserving historical heritages

And above all,

the delicious cuisines

That should be the reason why people want to live here.

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