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All day pc, in France

I’m trying to develop an iOS application using my free time.

It’s a simulation game of the nature. You can enjoy "eat or be eaten" survival in the black-white 2D world. It will take a long time to finish, I’ll work step by step.

I started to study the programming, to know about machine translation. I’m interested in philosophy of language. It has been 1 year since I began to study. And I wanted to create something with my skills.

It’s far from machine translation, but...!

To do something in front line of machine learning with my MacBook Air (2015), it takes 1 month for calculating...! I can’t wait for that...!

For development of iOS app, we use "Swift" language. It has some useful modules to develop games. I needed to learn a lot.

I don’t know if some developper read this blog, but I’ll write some articles about programming.

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