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Blue White Orange


I went to Lacanau for 5 days.

Lacanau is a village in the south of France, which face to the Atlantic.

I enjoyed a super vacance as french people!

(I heard that rich French people, especially parisiens, like to go south for vacance!!)

Every morning, I went to favorite bakery to take croissants and chocolate pains which just get out of the oven. With these hot pains, I went to beach. When I became tired of swimming, I came back to take a nap. In evening, I had a long dinner as French people do.

It was so good weather and incredibly hot day, so nice to swim!! But I'm not good at it!!

Le 14 Juillet

I was there at 7/14, it's a french national day which celebrate the French Revolution. At this day, we can see fireworks everywhere. Of course in Lacanau too. Cause of this or not, it was so much crowded.

By the way, usually in France, fireworks begin at almost midnight (in Lacanau it was at 23h!) because the sunset is late in summer. It's light till 10h these days. It makes me confused.

Blue Orange

I was interested in the typical architectures in the south of France! A lot of vacance houses with vivid orange roofs and cream color walls, each house has a name like "My Vacation" , "Surf House" or "My 2nd".

Especially, the view from the height, it was breathtaking. The deep blue sky and small orange houses, slight sound of the sea... I loved it.

If you are crazy about swimming or surfing, Lacanau is super!!

If you come to sightseeing, few days is enough maybe... not a lot of things to see.

Merci beaucoup Lionel !!

I could stay there for long time thanks to a colleague of the father of my girlfriend. It was so relaxing time for me. Thank you a lot! I hope he will read this article...

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