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"Bonjour" : The most difficult word in French

You may know that "Bonjour" is one of basic vocabularies in French, which means "Hello". To be polite in France, you should say it to everyone you meet : friends, waiters in restaurant, shop clerks etc... It was hard for me at the beginning, since it's not usual to say Hi to shop clerk in Japan.

One day in a shop, I said "Bonjour!" as usual. After, my girlfriend said to me,

"You pronounce bad!" " It's not <Bongeul>, you have to pronounce like this : Bonjour"

...Hein?? I didn't understand, what is the difference?

"Bonjour!" "Buongeol?"

"No! Bonjour!" "Bongeur??"

"BONJOUR!!" "Bonjeur?"

"Noooo B O N J O U R putaiiin!"

She began to be crazy but I couldn't understand.

For Japanese people, <J> and <G> have same sound, and we don't distinguish <OU> from <EU>. So it's not easy to acquire the collect pronunciation in French, especially vowels.


French Japanese

u = う

e = う

ou = う

eu = う

é = え

è = え

...You see? Definitely, it's pronunciation that the most difficult thing to learn in French.

It was the moment when I feel that I want to study again in elementary school.

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