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C’est chien!!

He is a dog which my parents keep in Japan.

He is cute, isn’t it?

When I ask this question to my friends, there is a big difference of response between Japanese and French.

Japanese : Cute! What his name??

French : Why he is attached? Poor dog...

Yes, in Japan, we have to attach dogs. On the other hand, it’s natural to let dogs free in France. Dogs are free from attachment, free to play with their friends and free to poop. French national motto says "Liberté Égalité Fraternité". Even dogs enjoy the liberty as French citizen.

What I really surprised is, even without attaching, they follow and listen their master. And they observe the rule. Once I saw a dog walking alone. He walked on a crosswalk carefully. I believe that he was on the way to home from school.

I begin to think that sometimes dogs in Japan seems to be dangerous because we believe that they are "uncontrollable". Maybe it’s better to let them free to learn how to live in human society.

But, I’m not sure my dog can come back home alone...

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