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Copen haven

I visited Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

It would be the last trip during my working-holiday. I'm planning to return to Japan at the beginning of this April.

It was a very nice city. I've been just for 4 days but it was enough to see how this country takes care of people. Clean and beautiful cityscape, kind people. It's a different society from Japan and France.

The official language in Denmark: English

I lied. It's Danish. However, when they know I'm a tourist, they speak in fluent and quick English.

"Do you need a plastic bag?"

Hey guys, they speak English very well! I haven't seen a person who don't speak English there. Is that because here is the capital? No, in Paris no one speak English.

LOVE Recycling

The most interesting part of Copenhagen is, the attitude to the conservation of the nature. Everyone is willing to throw a bottle in a recycle box. Why.

It's because we can receive a piece. 4€ / 30 bottles. That's not bad! This must be the reason why a well-dressed madam checked each trash in the city. In Japan, we just follow the rule for recycling. I'd love to do recycle if we have a motivation like that. For the nature needless to say.


Most of Japanese imagine the North Europe as the world of fantasy. Surely, it's clean, everything is there and everyone looks so happy. When I crossed with people on the road, almost everyone gave me a smile. I saw a woman walking with hands swinging like a child.

I heard that they begin to work early, finish early and pass their evening with their family or friends. At restaurant, there is a candle on each table. As it's very cold outside, this small warmth touch the heart. The time with the favorite people surrounding a candle is called "Hygge" in Danish.

I guess it's cause of "Hygge" that they created a well-work-life-balanced-and-gender-equal society.

But the danish society didn't appear like a fantasy. It was built by the nations. They can go to school and hospital freely because they pay a lot of taxes. They must fight for long time to reduce the difference between male and female.

I didn't find a lot of things to see, but I learned a lot. I won't go there before long time because it was too expensive!!

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