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Coupe coupe!

I did "les vendanges"!

Les Vendanges

It’s the harvest of grapes for wine. Since I live in the city of red wine, I was longing for trying it. When I talked about it to my friends, they always said to me

"It’s so hard, you can find other job like Japanese restaurants!"

Yes, that’s true. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Bordeaux, it must be easier to work there.


I really wanted to do les vendange!!!

60 Ha of wine yard

It’s so hard because the trees bear grapes at low. We need to cut them in a half-sitting posture, and we continue it for 100m! My back and legs hurt a lot everyday.

When I arrived at the wine yard, I was so amazed by the vastness of the field. At contrary when I realized that we have to harvest all of them.... can you imagine?

I worked with French students, who come to earn money for school trip, and Spanish group. In Bordeaux, we can skip classes officially if it’s for "les vendanges".

Even if I had to wake up at 5h, I worked under rain, I cut my thumb, I did toilet outside, etc etc, it was very good experience for me.

First I participated the French culture by my hand. Knowing culture is different from participating in culture. I will never forget the smell of grapes, the cold rain and the feeling when I pee on the wine yard.

And I improved my French. It’s work, so I had to listen and understand well the order and I needed to communicate with other laborers quickly. Even in a little break, I talked with young French boys. It wasn’t easy because they speak very quick and use some slangs. But it was good to know how the young French boys are.

What is the work

Since I decided not to follow the Japanese standard (I don’t work directory after educatio and come to France) , I always think

"What is the work? "

"What can I do and what should I do?"

I felt well to work from the morning, in the nature. It must be the base of work begun at 10000 years ago. The morning dew made me think of it.

But it was too hard. I think I will not do it again.

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