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I am Professeur of Japanese

I started to teach Japanese.

In France, a lot of people are interested in Japanese culture. Especially manga, anime and food culture like sushi and ramen. It’s not easy to learn language but some people like to learn it in case they will go to Japan in the future! Japanese women, who get married with French and live in France , do the job for these demand.

Japanese and French

I have known that Japanese and French are so much different since I started to study French. French is too much difficult! Too much tenses and too much conjugation!!

But, I remarked something when I became teacher of Japanese.

Japanese is more complicated.

First, the alphabet. In French, we have 26 letters of A-Z as English, with few special letters with accents ( é ç etc ) . So it’s about 30.

In regards to Japanese, 46 letters of Hiragana + accents, Katakana and 2100 of general Kanjis. A lot of exceptions in grammar. How can I explain spacial conjugation!? And, when we speak in real, we need honorific (Keigo)!!!

Continuity is the father of success

I believe that study become part of you when you "realise" it. For exemple, you might learn the molecular formula or chemical reactions in school. You just need to memorise, it's not difficult. But you forget it after graduation. Instead, you learn real knowledges by putting salt on ice to get it super cold, or speaking in English with foreigner who getting lost.

My students take my classes because they are interested in Japan. Though, here is France. Japanese is not necessary for them, and they don't have circumstance to feel Japan.

Out of all, how I can keep their interest. How I can make them feel Japan close. It's not simple.

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