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Japan Blue

I did a trial of Japanese indigo dye.

It held at Le Porge, 50km far from Bordeaux, a small town of the sea and forests. With supports of Tokushima prefecture, a Japan indigo artisan and Indigo promotion association came with big dye barrels. It held at Paris last year, so it was the 2nd demonstration at France.

I found out Japan indigo in France since I didn’t know at all about it. It change the color to blue when the dye is exposed in the air. So we have to unfold the cloth quickly after soak. The dye is fermented with Sake. Bacteria may do some work for coloring.

The artisan has totally blue hands since he dyes some clothes everyday by bear hands. The dye doesn’t contain any chemical product, so it’s not dangerous to touch or even you can drink it.

Japan indigo could be appreciated a lot in France. I think that a lot of French people like natural products. The director said

"To keep the Japan indigo for the future, we come to propagate it in France. I hope that French people will discover our culture, and also Japanese people will aware of wonderful tradition."

Soon, we must see a Japan indigo artisan from France...

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