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Kamikaze, Banzai

I went to a travelling amusement park.

I saw people building something in the place at centre of city. It was this!

It’s just a small park but don’t despise it : the giant wheel without window, the violent roller coaster and big pendulum thing. It was amazing despite of only 1 week of construction. It was enough to make children crazy. Me, I just watched them from the ground, I wasn’t sure of security.

What I surprised is the lottery. There were some lotteries, claw machines and shooting galleries. It’s usual. But!! They had so much extraordinary prises!! Almost all claw machines keep iPhone11 in their stomach, there was also motorcycle of Kawasaki! It arouse the passion of gambling as illegal Casino.


At the deep corner of the park, I found an attraction named "BANZAI". It's a roller coaster looks like attaking to enemies with an aircraft.

Banzai and Kamikaze is Japanese, but nowadays, it's also used as expression in France. "Banzai!" when we rush into something, and "Kamikaze" is a suicide terrorist.'s obviously an irony for Japan.

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