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It’s "See you!" in Breton.

I stayed at Bretagne for 10 days!

Bretagne is located in the north-west of France. It’s the only region which escaped the intense heatwave called "Canicule"! At the same day it was more than 40°C at Bordeaux!!! OMG I was lucky

A journey on ship

My girlfriend´s family invited me for a sea trip with their boat, it was an amazing experience ! I helped little for boating, it was not easy but I learned how we can live in limited space.

By boat, we went to some port for few days.

At the port of La Trinité, we came across with a boat from Japan! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see them, but I heard that it’s a couple of Japanese. I imagined how they sailed such a long distance...


I also enjoyed sightseeing on the ground.

Pont-Aven is a little charming city. It’s famous as "the city of painters". I liked lovely houses along a river. Every Japanese could dream of a life in this house.

It’s so charming, isn’t it?

I went to Concarneau too, a city surrounded by walls. There are very old buildings which conserved and used for restaurants.

In a shop, I found figures of fairy! The fairies named "Korrigan" come from legends. There are a lot of stories about a huge forest and fairies. It is said that there is a house of witch in the forest. I searched a little but I couldn’t find.

Pride as a Breton

Here at Bretagne, people are proud of their region and value their traditions a lot. I couldn’t join but there is a regional festival called "Fest noz", each part of the city is named with Breton, conserve specialities like galette and cidre etc...

I’m so much attracted by this region just for a week of stay, so of course local people could love it more! The sea and forests, special foods and fairytails... Bretagne has a mysterious charm.

I would like to come back again. Kenavo Breizh!


Merci beaucoup pour la famille de ma copine! Et les amis de la famille! Je me suis tellement amusé le séjour au Bretagne.

J’aimerai beaucoup de vous revoir! À bientôt!

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