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Le Tour de Bordeaux

I did 100km of cycling


The other day, I picked grapes as part-time job. The office contacted me

"You have to come to the office to sign a important paper."

The office located in Vignonet, a region 50km far from my home. I don’t have car. So let’s go by bicycle? I saw the route on Google Map, 2h30 of ride. OK, why not? It’s a little trip!

Too hard

I used a public rental cycle "VCub". It costs 2€ / 1h, free for first 30 minutes! Of course it’s a usual city bike.

After 1h of cycling, I was totally in countryside with huge vineyards and ranges! And small, short houses. It was new for me because I’m always surrounded by cultural heritages. The air is fresh, I felt so good at downhill!!


20km. It seemed something go wrong. It already passed 2h, but I’m still waiting to see the half of the route. Endless vineyards. Horse droppings on waysides. Small insects attacking to my white shirts.

When I was high school student, I have been to school by bicycle everyday. I was always at full speed (because I was always late! ) for 7km, and it took 35 minutes. It means, at least, it takes 4h for 50km.

After I passed a heartbreaking hill and a 10km straight, I barely arrived at the office. Finally it took 5h...

At the office, I just signed a paper and received a description. Less than 5 minutes of stay.

Return to home

Now, I have to come back. Of course 50km. I’m really tired. I move on mindlessly. Some old guys on sports bikes pass next me. I get off the bicycle on uphills. Downhills are super. F@€k off cars. It begins to rain. I arrived after 5h of ride. It was the worst choice to go by bicycle. I’m sure that there is a bus.

I was stupid. However, when I arrived at home, I felt pure happinesses. That’s why I can’t stop being fool.

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