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Lisbon ~From a bus window~

7 days in Lisbon!

I went there by bus which is frozen inside and stayed in a dormitory of youth hostel with a guy who snores like an elephant. Yes, it was a shoestring travel.

Good price Good food

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It is said that economically Portugal is in not really good situation. It’s not clean at some parts of the city. But I was touched by the food which is close to Japanese taste, and the kindness of local people.

At the touristic places, there are guys who sell sunglasses. We need them because the sun is strong here. But, I believe that "The stuffs selling on the road = bad quality" so I refuse all.

And also there were a lot of guys showed me some dry leaves and said "Sir, do you like it?"

The speciality of Lisbon is "Salted codfish". Also octopus and fish were very good. Compare to French, Portugaise is salty and oily. It’s closer to Japanese taste. I ate fish and rice everyday after long time, I feel so good.

Depart: 11:00 Arrive 15:00 Return 16:30

On the suburbs of Lisbon, there are many beautiful beaches. "The Sesimbra beach" seems the most popular, but you can’t miss "The Meco beach", which is famous as naturalist beach.

To go to the beach, we need to use buses which are operated once in a hour. After, we have 30 minutes walking from bus stop. It’s a little bit hard to go without car. Also we had to think about the last bus to Lisbon. I was helped by some old portugais people at bus stops.

Like that, I enjoyed 1 hour and half of stay on the beach. I didn’t go inside of the sea because it was too cold. And I was disappointed because there were not a lot of naturalists....

7 days full of "Nanban"

Portugal has a link with Japan. At the age of Discovery, since a ship from Portugal have arrived in Japan, we have begun to trade. They have introduced us a lot of new cultures. I saw "Nanban Byobu" ( the folding screen with drawing of Portugais ) at National Antique Museum in Lisbon. It drew in Japan at 16th centuries. I was touched by the meeting over 450 years and 12000km. And also when I went to ramen restaurent come from Japan ( To change the taste! I was tired of Portugaise at the end of the travel ) , they served  "Nanban zuke" which means Portugais marine in Japanese.

I realized that it’s too hard to do poor travel, but I met a lot of people, and it’s so nice to know Lisbon!!

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