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The Almighty in France

3 months past since I’m in France.

Language School

I realized that it’s too difficult to learn French without any mentor. So I began to study at a language school. Trying to speak, it’s the best way to acquire a language. It costed but it was a good occasion to make a lot of mistake. It finished in 1 month but now I have new friends thanks to the school.

Moved to a new appartement

I moved to a "studyo" for student. I don’t come to France as a student, but I’m a student of language school, theoretically. Since I don’t have any guarantor for payment, it wasn’t easy to find a appartement with a fair way. So I decided to become "a student". It worked well.

The studyo is a little bit far from the center of Bordeaux, but it’s calm, much of nature, a train road besides the window etc... Anyway, I’m pretty satisfied with the room.

Paris for a Week

I went to Paris for meeting people and sightseeing. It was a big week. I think that I saw all the touristic places in Paris except for Louvre museum. It was closed when I visited.

The cityscape is marvelous. I admired those beautiful old buildings. Despite of a lot of pickpockets in the street, I enjoyed. The most favorite thing in Paris is the centre Pompidou. We can say that it’s "the center of the center of culture" as Paris is the forefront of art. And it was free for "student".

In France, students are strong. If you are a student, you can rent a room, go museum with free ticket, open a bank account easily...

In a word,


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