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The Moldau

I went to Prague, the capital of the Czech, for 4 days. I took a early-morning plane (LCC), so I needed to stay a night at the Bordeaux Mérignac airport. It was cold and the benchs are har, I couldn’t sleep at all.

Nothin´ lasts forever, Even cold September rain

Cold rains welcomed me at the Prague airport. I was insane to take only 1 pull and jeans.

Prague is separated by the Moldau river. There are a lot of touristic places along the river. We can visit by walk, but it’s easier to use public transports. I didn’t see local people paying the fare.

The cityscape is so cute! It´s like in a fairytale. It’s the image of medieval times as it is.

The most impressive place was "Charles bridge". It’s one of the most touristic place in Czech. There are a lot of performers everyday. Each of them draw attentions of tourists by their way. Gentlemen playing jazz, students orchestra, a melancholic guy playing with kitties, extreme punk boy doing free hugs etc...

The Beer is cheaper than the Water

So why don’t I drink beers? I’m doing a poor trip. Guys on the road talk with a 500ml can of beer which costs about 50 centimes. Like that, basically prices are not high at Czech. However, at food stand, my friend was tricked and payed 20€ for a huge ham, which he didn’t wanted. At this moment, I realize that we are easy target for them...

It’s not easy to communicate

When I go abroad, I try to speak local language as possible as I can. In Prague, of course we can speak in English, it’s a big city. But when I spoke the Czech, people smiled and did well for me. And moreover, I feel good. Even the Czech is one of the most complicated language, it’s not difficult to learn "Hello" and "Thank you".

I think that the words exists not for speak, but communicate .

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