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The Republic of Gastronomy

The French cuisine is fine and elegant, one of the best cuisine in the world. As France is called "The country of gastronomy", French are careful about food. People value the tradition, prefer to enjoy relaxing meals with family. Begin with "Apéritif", drink something with appetisers, chat about politics, relationships, jokes etc... After, the long dinner begins. They consider meals as one of the most important thing. For them, the time of meals is precious moment with family.

Pièces de canard, frites et salade, pain en accompagnement et rosé en boisson
Duck, Frits and Salad with Rosé wine in a restaurant

At contrary, in Japan, not a lot of people care about meals. Japanese don't try to have a long time for meals. For some children, it's rare to have meals with family because their parents work until late. Thanks to easy tasty ready-made food (frozen food, fast-food and ready-made bento), we can satisfy our appetite quickly. But cause of this, we lose the opportunities to share the moment with family.

I can't conclude which is better. In short, you can learn a lot from different culture.

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